Amigurumi – Crochet biggest Tilda heart

In this free crochet pattern I will show you how to crochet the biggest Tilda heart. You can crochet it single colour or colourful and decorate your biggest Tilda heart as desired. It is a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.


Knowledge: Amigurumi – Crochet biggest Tilda heart


Supplies: Amigurumi – Crochet biggest Tilda heart

  • Crochet Yarn:
  • Crochet Hook:
  • Darning Needle (blunt)
  • Scissors
  • Filling:
  • Decoration:
    • Example: 1x edging, sewing yarn, sewing needle

Size: Amigurumi – Crochet biggest Tilda heart

Here you find the size specifications for the biggest Tilda heart. The sizes refer to the specific needle sizes and a matching crochet yarn. Crocheting very loose or firmly can cause differences, also as different yarns. By using thicker or thinner yarn with a fitting needle size you can enlarge or minimize Amigurumis easily, without having to change the pattern.

Needle size
2,5 mm (shown Example)100% cotton with ca. 125m / 50g11,5cm8,5cm

Crochet Pattern: Amigurumi – Crochet biggest Tilda heart

Amigurumi - Crochet biggest Tilda heart - tutorial - crochet patternFor our biggest Tilda heart we crochet first two bonnets, which are then connected to a round. After that we just crochet the pointed body and your crocheted Tilda heart is already finished.


Crochet bonnet for biggest Tilda heart (2x)

Amigurumi - Crochet biggest Tilda heart - crochet pattern - free tutorialFirst we crochet 2 bonnets for the biggest Tilda heart. For this we start each one in the middle and crochet in spiral rounds with only double crochet stitches outwards.

  • dark pink:
  • 1st round: magic ring with 6 double crochet stitches = 6 stitches
  • 2nd round: double every stitch = 12 stitches
  • 3rd round: double every 2nd stitch = 18 stitches
  • 4th round: double every 3rd stitch = 24 stitches
  • 5th round: double every 4th stitch = 30 stitches
  • 6th – 10th round: (= 5 rounds) each stitch one stitch = 30 stitches
  • 1st bonnet: cut the thread generous, pull off the loop
  • 2nd bonnet: DONT cut the thread

Cut the thread of the 1st bonnet generous and pull off the loop. When you finished the 2nd bonnet DONT cut the thread and crochet together both bonnets.


Crochet bonnets together

Next we will crochet together both bonnets. Therefore the nice side of the bonnets show upwards. Now you don´t continue crocheting around the 2nd bonnet, but around the 1st bonnet.

Amigurumi - Crochet biggest Tilda heart - tutorial - free crochet patternFor this you stitch at the 1st bonnet into the first stitch of the next round, which is exactly the stitch left to the edge of the round end. Now you crochet completely once around the 1st bonnet and thereby each stitch one stitch. Count the stitches exactly, so you don´t miss or double a stitch.

Amigurumi - Crochet biggest Tilda heart - crochet pattern - tutorial - freeThen stitch into the first stitch of the new round of the 2nd bonnet and crochet also exactly once around. Keep counting here, to crochet exactly each stitch one stitch. This way you have already crocheted the first round of the body of the heart.

Between both bonnets a little gap arises, which you will sew together from the inner side. Therefore use easily the thread end of the 1st bonnet and secure it inside. Now keep crocheting like described for the body of the heart.


Crochet body for biggest Tilda heart (1x)

Amigurumi - Crochet biggest Tilda heart - crochet pattern - tutorialNow you can crochet all the other rounds for your biggest tilda heart. Here we also crochet in spiral rounds just with double crochet stitches. The round you crocheted together both bonnets already counts as first round of the body.

  • 1st – 5th round: (= 5 rounds) each stitch one stitch = 60 stitches
  • light pink:
  • 6th round: jede 29th und 30th stitch zusammen häkeln = 58 stitches
  • 7th round: jede 28th und 29th stitch zusammen häkeln = 56 stitches
  • 8th round: jede 27th und 28th stitch zusammen häkeln = 54 stitches
  • 9th round: jede 26th und 27th stitch zusammen häkeln = 52 stitches
  • 10th round: jede 25th und 26th stitch zusammen häkeln = 50 stitches
  • 11th round: jede 24th und 25th stitch zusammen häkeln = 48 stitches
  • 12th round: jede 23rd und 24th stitch zusammen häkeln = 46 stitches
  • 13th round: jede 22nd und 23rd stitch zusammen häkeln = 44 stitches
  • 14th round: jede 21st und 22nd stitch zusammen häkeln = 42 stitches
  • 15th round: jede 20th und 21st stitch zusammen häkeln = 40 stitches
  • 16th round: crochet together every 19th and 20th stitch = 38 stitches
  • 17th round: crochet together every 18th and 19th stitch = 36 stitches
  • 18th round: crochet together every 17th and 18th stitch = 34 stitches
  • 19th round: crochet together every 16th and 17th stitch = 32 stitches
  • 20th round: crochet together every 15th and 16th stitch = 30 stitches
  • 21st round: crochet together every 14th and 15th stitch = 28 stitches
  • 22nd round: crochet together every 13th and 14th stitch = 26 stitches
  • 23rd round: crochet together every 12th and 13th stitch = 24 stitches
  • 24th round: crochet together every 11th and 12th stitch = 22 stitches
  • 25th round: crochet together every 10th and 11th stitch = 20 stitches
  • 26th round: crochet together every 9th and 10th stitch = 18 stitches
  • fill and stuff
  • 27th round: crochet together every 8th and 9th stitch = 16 stitches
  • 28th round: crochet together every 7th and 8th stitch = 14 stitches
  • 29th round: crochet together every 6th and 7th stitch = 12 stitches
  • fill and stuff completely
  • 30th round: crochet together every 1st and 2nd stitch = 6 stitches
  • cut the thread generous, pull off the loop, close the remaining opening, secure and wave in the thread ends

Finish biggest Tilda heart

Finally you can decorate your crocheted tilda heart as you like. Sew on some beads, patches or sequins or use a nice crocheted edge. You can use the heart as decoration or pincushion. If you attach a loop of chain stitches or a ribbon, you can also use the crocheted Tilda heart as a hanger.

Amigurumi - Crochet biggest Tilda heart - tutorial - crochet pattern

I hope you enjoyed to crochet the tilda heart! Have fun with it!