Crochet Bunny – Dangling Bunny “Milly”

In this free crochet pattern I´ll show you how to crochet a sweet bunny. The dangling bunny “Milly” has oversized arms and legs, which are perfect to carry and dangle for kids. The clothes can be changed and you´ll find here also patterns for different dresses for the dolls and animals of the Slenana series.


Knowledge: Crochet Bunny – Dangling Bunny “Milly”


Supplies: Crochet Bunny – Dangling Bunny “Milly”


Size: Crochet Bunny – Dangling Bunny “Milly”

Here you find the size specifications for the crocheted dangling bunny without ears.

Needle SizeYarnHeight
2,5 mm (shown example)125m / 50g, 100% Cotton26cm
Häkelnadel 3,0 mm110m / 50g, 100% Cotton37cm

Crochetpattern: Crochet Bunny – Dangling Bunny “Milly”

First we crochet the head and then the legs and body in one piece for the crochet bunny. Then we crochet also the arms, ears and tail. At least all parts will be sewn together and we also embroider a nose. If you like you can crochet clothes for your bunny as well.


Crochet Bunny Head (1x)

The head for the crochet bunny we work from top down in spiral rounds with double crochet stitches. While crocheting you can attach Safety Eyes and fill and stuff the head.


Crochet Bunny Legs (2x)

The legs for the crochet bunny are done from bottom upwards in spiral rounds with double crochet stitches. Next the legs will be filled and stuffed. Cut the thread when you finished the first leg, but not after the second and continue with the body instead.


Crochet Bunny Body (1x)

Before we start the body, we need to crochet together both legs. How to do this I´ll show you step by step in the tutorial to assemble the legs.


Crochet Bunny Arms (2x)

The arms for the crochet bunny we do from the fingertips to the shoulder in spiral rounds with double crochet stitches.


Crochet Bunny Ears (2x)

The ears for the crochet bunny we work from top down in spiral rounds with double crochet stitches. The ears wont be filled, but laid flat.


Crochet Bunny Tail (2x)

The tail for the crochet bunny is made from the tip to the back in spiral rounds with only double crochet stitches. The tail will be filled and stuffed completely and sewn to the body with the thread end later.


Finish Dangling Bunny “Milly”

After you crocheted all the parts we can finish the dangling bunny “Milly”. In principle I recommend you to fix all parts first with pins, to see if the positions are correct. So you can quickly move the individual parts, if something is wrong. In addition, you should make sure to keep the exact positions, so later also fit all the clothes for the Slenana series.

First we sew the head with the long thread end once around to the body. Both openings need to match at the middle of the front. If you never had done this before, the tutorial about sewing open parts together will help you.

Now you can also sew the arms to the body by using the appropriate thread ends. They are sewn horizontally around the 29th round of the body, ie 2 rounds below the head. They are 7 stitches apart on the front and sit on the right and left sides of the body.

The tail is sewn with the thread end and flat folded. Sew the flat opening horizontally around the 4th round of the body. The tail sits exactly in the middle between the legs on the back.

Now only the ears are missing, which are folded together at the lower edge to the front and fixed with a few stitches. Then you sew the ears folded flat in a line to the top of the head. They sit right and left around the 4th round and the opening of the fold points forward.

Nearly I forgot: Of course you can now embroider your bunny a nose. First work a vertical stitch and then always stitch horizontally over 2 rounds around several stitches until the nose has the desired size.

I hope you enjoyed crocheting your dangling bunny and look forward to your next visit!