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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions and solutions to possible problems. Simply click on the question to expand and view the respective answer.

Blog & Ribbelmonster

Wie kann ich euch unterstützen?

Thank you for wanting to support us. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to help Ribbelmonster.

  • Please don’t block our ads, as they finance this blog and enable us to continue providing you with free content.
  • Share with your friends on social networks, communities, groups, chats, forums, clubs, or in personal conversations with like-minded people, so that even more people visit our blog.
  • Show others your great works and let them know where you found the instructions, so they can replicate them too.
  • Link to us if you have your own page or blog. We’d be happy to give you a backlink in our link list. This way, your visitors will find us and our visitors will find you.
  • Purchase your materials through the links provided in the materials list in each instruction.

Content & Comprehension

Ich kann diese Handarbeitstechnik noch nicht!

If an instruction assumes a crafting technique that you’re not yet familiar with, you can easily learn it. Don’t worry! We’re here to help.

At the beginning of each pattern, you’ll find information about the required prior knowledge for the specific crafting techniques used. If a crafting technique is unfamiliar to you, simply click on it and you’ll be directed to a suitable tutorial. These tutorials not only provide simple explanations but also include many photos, illustrations, drawings, and sometimes even videos, making them easy for beginners to follow.

Enjoy learning the new crafting techniques!

Ich verstehe eine Anleitung nicht!

We apologize for any confusion. We strive to make our instructions as simple and understandable as possible. However, since people are very different, this doesn’t always work perfectly. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging!

Please access the instruction you’re having trouble with. At the end of the instruction, you have the option to leave us a comment. Please describe your problem as precisely as possible so that we can assist you.

Once you’ve submitted your comment, we’ll receive a notification and will do our best to assist you as quickly as possible. We’ll reply to your comment, and if you’ve provided your email address, you’ll even receive a notification via email.

Thank you for your patience!

Ich habe einen Fehler in einer Anleitung gefunden!

We’re sorry that this happened. We always strive to be accurate, but unfortunately, we’re not infallible. It’s great that you’ve found the error. With your help, we can surely correct it.

Please access the pattern where you found the error. At the end of the instruction, you have the option to leave us a comment. Please describe the error as precisely as possible so that we can locate it.

Once you’ve submitted your comment, we’ll receive a notification and will work to fix the error as quickly as possible. We’ll also reply to your comment, and if you’ve provided your email address, you’ll receive a notification via email.

Thank you for your help!

Woher kommen die Anleitungen?

The instructions published here, including all texts, photos, and drawings, were created by the respective author of the post. Please note that all instructions are subject to German copyright law!

Wann gib es neue Anleitungen?

At some point, for sure. This blog has become a part-time project, as financing new content has become increasingly challenging. Until something changes in that regard, there will only be new instructions here sporadically for now.

Usage & Copyright

Wie darf ich eure Inhalte nutzen?

All content on the Ribbelmonster blog is subject to German copyright law and may be freely used for usual private purposes. This includes re-creating the patterns or saving and printing private copies for personal use.

Commercial use of all content from the Ribbelmonster blog is generally excluded. However, we’re willing to make small exceptions under certain conditions. You can find more information about this under Licenses.

Warum gibt es Regeln für die Nutzung eurer Inhalte?

Creating content is very time-consuming and not only requires time and effort, but also costs money. Anyone who has ever created something themselves can understand this. Anyone who makes the effort to create something should be compensated for it. This is also the view of the legislator, which is why copyright law exists. Copyright grants the creator the right to determine the use of their creations. That’s precisely why there are certain rules for using the content of the Ribbelmonster blog, which are legally regulated and therefore binding by copyright law.

Was bedeutet Urheberrecht?

In simple terms, copyright protects the intellectual property of every individual (the creator). This includes texts, illustrations, drawings, and photos, as well as designs, sculptures, and other creations or data from databases. The creator alone determines the use of this content, i.e., when, how, and where these things may be published, used, copied, or edited.

Darf ich die Anleitungen nacharbeiten?

Yes, you may simply re-create any pattern and make your individual adjustments. As long as it occurs within the customary private and non-commercial use, you may re-create any pattern as often as you like.

Printing & Saving

Darf ich Anleitungen speichern oder ausdrucken?

Yes, you may save or print patterns, as long as you intend to use them exclusively for private purposes, and not for commercial use. For printing the patterns, there is even a special print format that your computer automatically recognizes, so you don’t waste ink while printing.

Wie kann ich eine Anleitung herunterladen?

We’re sorry, but the patterns cannot be downloaded. However, sometimes you may have the option to print the patterns as a PDF document using the print function, and then save it. Whether this is possible depends on your operating system.

Wie kann ich eine Anleitung drucken?

You can print an pattern by using the print function of your browser or the “Print” button at the end of a pattern. The further steps in the printing dialog depend on your operating system and your printer.

Könnt ihr mir die Anleitungen schicken?

We’re sorry, but we cannot send instructions, neither as a file, nor by email, and not even as a printed copy by mail.

Gifting & Selling

Darf ich die nachgearbeiteten Sachen verschenken?

Yes, giving away items is part of the usual private use, and you don’t have to worry at all, as long as they are truly gifts.

Generally, a gift does not involve receiving compensation or payment. However, once you sell the recreated items, it becomes a commercial use of the content, and for this, you would need our explicit permission.

Darf ich die nachgearbeiteten Sachen verkaufen?

In principle, commercial use of the content on this site is initially excluded, and this includes selling items recreated based on the instructions from the Ribbelmonster blog.

However, we’re willing to make small exceptions under certain conditions. You can find more information about this under Licenses.

Darf ich Anleitungen oder Teile von Anleitungen verkaufen?

No, because all patterns, as well as their parts, are protected by copyright and may not be copied, altered, or reproduced outside of private use according to our terms of use. They may never be published or sold elsewhere.

Please pay close attention to copyright, as the Ribbelmonster patterns are financed through advertising. We rely on advertising revenue to continue providing you with both old and new instructions for free. Thank you!

Sharing & Publishing

Wie kann ich Anleitungen mit anderen teilen?

There are various ways to share our patterns with others. You can simply link to the respective page or use one of the “Share” buttons at the end of the respective pattern.

Darf ich eigene Bilder von meinen nachgearbeiteten Sachen veröffentlichen?

Yes, you’re welcome to publish your own pictures of your recreated items, as long as you don’t present the idea or the pattern as your own.

Please be so kind as to mention that the patten is from Ribbelmonster or, if possible, directly provide a link to the pattern. This helps others find the pattern and helps us gain new visitors, allowing us to create new patterns. Thank you!

If you mention us in a social network post, we usually receive a notification and are happy to share your work! We’re always happy to share our reach with you.

Darf ich auf den Ribbelmonster Blog verlinken?

Yes, we’re delighted with every link, as it shows us and others that you like our site. Thank you for the wonderful compliment!

If you link from your blog to a specific pattern, you’ll even receive a backlink automatically through the pingback function. This way, visitors to our blog can also find your blog, and not just the other way around.

Darf ich eine Kopie einer Anleitung veröffentlichen?

No, publishing content from Ribbelmonster, even in part, is absolutely not allowed and constitutes a violation of copyright. Even with the smallest excerpts, it can be debatable whether it’s within legal limits, even if a source is provided. This also applies if it’s published in a closed forum, group, or similar, accessible only to a limited group of people.

Darf ich eine veränderte oder übersetzte Anleitung veröffentlichen?

No, because even if you alter a pattern before publishing it, you would still violate copyright. If you have suggestions or critiques regarding our patterns, we appreciate every honest comment under the respective pattern. Alternatively, you can also contact us via email.

Darf ich Anleitungen in eine andere Seite einbinden?

No, embedding the Ribbelmonster blog or parts of it into another site, for example in an “iframe” (window within a webpage), is not allowed. Instead, please use a link to reference our content.


Warum erscheint hier Werbung?

All offerings from the Ribbelmonster blog are free for you, even though providing them incurs some costs. In addition to ongoing costs for servers, software, domain, storage, and maintenance, there are, of course, costs associated with creating content, including labor, licenses, advertising, and materials. These costs have to be covered somehow, and in order for the content to remain free for you, we finance all of this through advertising.

Wie kann ich die Werbung ausblenden?

We’re sorry, but it’s currently not possible to hide the advertising. Yes, some ad placements can be annoying. But thanks to advertising, the patterns remain free for you, even though it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to create and provide them here.

Kann ich einen Adblocker verwenden?

If you use an ad blocker, you may no longer have access to our free content. This is also intended and legal, as providing the content costs money and is financed through advertising revenue. So please be so kind as to disable your ad blocker so that you can use our patterns for free.

Was ist alles Werbung und was nicht?

You’ll find various advertising formats on our blog, and our advertising is always labeled as such.

Our advertising banners are displayed in very specific locations and are hard to miss. We have relatively little influence over the content of these ads, as the ad spaces are rented out through advertising networks and third-party providers.

You can find our product recommendations in every pattern with the supplies, so that you can re-create the patterns yourself. We often include links to shops, through which we receive compensation for each purchase, without any disadvantage to you. This has the advantage that you don’t have to search for the products and can focus on the essentials. We make every effort to label this form of advertising as clearly as possible and place great importance on recommending only products we have used ourselves or can recommend with a clear conscience.

Our product tests are commissioned by the manufacturers and providers of the products. We explicitly point this out in the respective posts and want to emphasize that our test results are never for sale. When general guides present products, we make every effort to cover a wide range of all possible products, with the order and evaluation always reflecting our personal opinion.

Was passiert mit meinen Daten?

Data protection is very important to us, and we strive to only collect and store truly necessary data. In order to provide our blog in this form, we rely on third-party providers in some places and have no control over how they handle your data. If you would like to know more, you can read about it in the privacy policy.

Ich habe ein Problem mit der Werbung!

We’re sorry if you have problems with our advertising. We always strive to offer you the most interesting and least intrusive advertising. If you are ever dissatisfied with our advertising or have questions, you can contact us at any time. Often, a photo helps us better understand the problem. Thank you for your efforts!


Wie erstelle ich ein Benutzerkonto?

At the moment, it is not necessary to create a user account.

Wo ist der VIP Club?

The VIP Club was our members’ area and has been dissolved. All VIP memberships have expired, and no new VIP memberships can be booked.

Wo sind die Premium Anleitungen?

The premium patterns, which were temporarily only accessible to members of the VIP Club, are still here on the blog. They are just no longer labeled as premium patterns and are freely accessible again.

My question wasn’t answered, what now?

If you haven’t found a solution to your problem here, you can simply contact us. We’ll try to assist you as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding!

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