Amigurumi – Crochet Biggest Sun “Sunshine”

In this free Amigurumi pattern I show you how to crochet an Amigurumi sun. The crocheted sun is a great toy, but can also be used as a pendant or for a mobile.

Introduction: Amigurumi – Crochet Biggest Sun “Sunshine”

Knowledge: Amigurumi – Crochet Biggest Sun “Sunshine”

  • Chain Stitches
  • Double Crochet Stitches (UK!)
  • Double Treble Crochet Stitches (UK!)
  • Half Treble Crochet Stitches (UK!)
  • Magic Ring
  • Slip Stitches
  • Treble Crochet Stitches (UK!)
  • Turning Chain Stitches

Supplies: Amigurumi – Crochet Biggest Sun “Sunshine”

Crochet Hook

You will need a crochet hook with a size of 12 (british). For converting to other sizes, the crochet hook size converter will help you. I have selected some great crochet hooks for you here.

Darning Yarn

I have used darning yarn in the shade of black here. If you cannot find a suitable darning yarn in your supplies, I have already selected some for you.


For filling, I used synthetic filling made of 100% polyester. However, there are numerous alternatives for filling material. If you’ve run out of filling, I’ve prepared a refill for you here.


I used acrylic paint in the shade of pink here. This paint is non-toxic, water-dilutable, waterproof, and adheres to almost any surface. I found a great set of acrylic paints for you to try out here.

Safety Eyes

I used 2 safety eyes with a diameter of 1/3 inches. The eyes are completely black. However, there are countless alternatives for amigurumi eyes. You might prefer other safety eyes as well.

Scissors – any

You’ll need any scissors. It’s best to use your most beautiful scissors because it brings you joy. If you don’t have really nice scissors, I’ve picked out some lovely ones for you.

Wool Needle

You’ll need a wool needle with a blunt tip. The thickness of the wool needle should match the thickness of your yarn. You might like the set of wool needles I’ve picked out for you.

Yarn – Schachenmayr – Catania – 208 – sonne (sonnengelb)

I used yarn in the shade Sun. The material is 100% cotton. The yardage is 137 yds / 1.75 oz. If you want to replenish your supply, I’ve already picked out the matching yarn for you here.

Yarn – Schachenmayr – Catania – 403 – vanille (hellgelb)

I used yarn in the shade Vanilla. The material is 100% cotton. The yardage is 137 yds / 1.75 oz. If you want to replenish your supply, I’ve already picked out the matching yarn for you here.

Size: Amigurumi – Crochet Biggest Sun “Sunshine”

Here you find the size specifications for the crocheted sun.

Needle SizeYarnDiameter
12 (shown example)137yds / 1.75oz, 100% cotton12cm

Crochet Pattern: Amigurumi – Crochet Biggest Sun “Sunshine”

For the Amigurumi Sun we first crochet two parts for the center. Then crochet one border around the center, while crocheting both pieces together. If you want you can make a face for the Amigurumi sun and of course the crocheted sun will be filled and stuffed.

Crochet Sun Center (2x)

Crochet the center for the sun two times from inside to outside in spiral rounds with double crochet stitches (UK!).

Crochet Sun Border

Now let’s crochet a border around the sun, which has the shape of sun rays. We crochet both parts together and of course the sun is still filled.

You start anywhere and always stitch into both loops of the front and back sides.

You simply repeat the sun rays until the end of the round and continue to stitch into both loops of the front and back sides.

Shortly before the end of the round, the sun is completely filled and stuffed.

Then you just crochet until the border is completely closed.

Finish Amigurumi Sun

This way is your crocheted Amigurumi sun actually already finished. If you want you can still embroider a mouth with black darning yarn and paint a few cheeks with pink acrylic paint.

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