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Size: Crochet Pencil Bookmark

Here you find the size specifications for the crochet pencil bookmark.

Needle Size Yarn Length Width
2,5 mm (shown example) 125m / 50g, 100% Cotton 21 cm 4 cm

Pattern: Crochet Pencil Bookmark

The crochet pencil bookmark is made in one piece from down up in rows with  chain stitches and double crochet stitches (UK!). This way the crochet pencil bookmark is a wonderful project also for beginners, because it is made fast and easy.

This way your crochet pencil bookmark is already done. If it is still a bit waved, you can moisten and press it or strengthen it with starch.

By the way in the background you can see my old battered spelling book. Once like umpteen-million years ago I learned to read with it. I think the Mimi page was one of my favourites.

Hopefully you had fun to crochet a pencil bookmark and I’m looking forward to see your result. Just leave a reply with a picture!

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